Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Love Affair with My Bum!! One women’s journey of self love

by: Bianca Sorrell
I know it‟s an unusual title for an article, but when I sat down to write this piece on self love and improving the loving relationship with yourself; it made me think about my own journey of self love. Truth be told it started the day I decided to love my bum.
For years I had, had a turbulent relationship with my Bottom; believing it was too big, horribly dimply, untoned and wobbly; generally something that was ugly and undesirable. All efforts to improve my self esteem were sabotaged by this inner war with my fore-seen enemy; my derriere.
This endless roller coaster was going nowhere; so a decision had to be made. This is where all great shifts occur, when the decision is made to create the desired change; and so I did.
I chose to love my bum… REALLY love my bum!!
With decision made, I had to put it into action and make my old believe system obsolete.
Some may say easier said than done, but with a never say never attitude, I was determined to break this cycle of self sabotage.
Now many of you with body hang ups may very well cringe at this part, because it does involved some nudity and mirrors.
I stood naked in front of the mirror, generally happy with what I saw; I turned around so my bum was now centre stage. I glanced over my shoulder at it, the usual negative remarks started to play in my head. I noticed how these comments made me feel, I felt low, sad, unhappy tears began to well in my eyes. Now came the moment to implement my new attitude and I said simply (looking at my bare bum) “I Love You”
They say it takes seven times to form a habit, and in all honesty I can‟t say how long it took to create this change in me.
Every time I got a glimpse of my bum in the mirror, I always think “God my bum looks hot / great/ sexy/ fabulous today or in those pants/ jeans” and would tell all my friends and col-leagues that I was having a love affair with my butt, and embraced its uniqueness, I saw beauty in something I once considered ugly and unlovable.
This is the point I place as the beginning of my self love journey, many other things have contributed along the way. I attended Flying Souls Finding & Embracing Soulmate love” workshop, I went with the intention to find my Soulmate ‟ and my happy ever after( stay tuned for results of that adventure) but what I wasn‟t expecting was to find a new found love for myself. It made me look deep within and discover the blocks I had towards love, allowing me to face them and remove them from my energetics and beliefs. With the more difficult issues I found Intuitive Healings helped and Australian bush essence (Confid) assisted in increasing my confidence.
Creating a healthy level of self love & self esteem has been the best change ever. I am Fabulous!! I feel so light, bright and Joyful.
I hope this story will inspire many of you to walk your own path to self love; remember it can start with a small change that can create the biggest of differences.
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The things we do for love … ( Take a moment to love & appreciate yourself)

Do you want to discover the real meaning of love?
Do you ever sit and wonder where the ‘happy ever after’ ending went? Why you’re the one sitting alone or worse in a relationship that doesn’t ‘feed’ the love requirements of your soul? Have you wondered whether there is a partner out there who is your ‘Soulmate’?
This unique workshop is an experiential journey within to find and address those aspects of ‘you’ which might be blocking true love coming your way. Perhaps you feel deep down that you don’t deserve it? Perhaps your heart is closed from a past trauma?
There are so many reasons that stop love from being drawn to you, and none of them need to stay! Learn about different types of love and how they speak to you. Over two 3 ½hr sessions, usually 4-6 weeks apart you’ll explore what you can change to attract true love to you, whether it be from a new love or igniting it in your current relationship.
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The Magical World Of Intuitive Healing

Imagine retreating from the world for a time , experiencing an opportunity to explore and release all that which no longer serves you.
To release the cause of stress and unhappiness in a an environment which inspires a sense of safety and nurturing . That is the essence of an Intuitive Healing at the Flying Souls Institute of Healing, a modality of energy healing which addresses „dis-ease‟ in any part of the Body, Mind or Spirit.
Arriving 10-15 minutes early, you immerse yourself in the tranquil and peaceful energy of the centre, enabling you to let go of the stress of the day. On entering your treatment room , aptly named for it‟s beautiful feature crystal, you nestle yourself fully clothed into softness, the blanket, the bed, the pillow….
What happens next is never the same twice. Your body is made up of energy, constantly circulating, ensuring you are balanced, harmonious and happy. Sometimes the energy flow gets stuck, creating a block , which if unaddressed, eventually absorbs into the body, mind or spirit as disease. Blocks occur because at some stage in your life, perhaps as a child you didn’t deal with an emotional hurt or trauma. Heal this gently during an Intuitive Healing with one of our gifted therapist who will intuitively find and clear its causes.

Give yourself a treat, release the blocks as your healer intuits your energetic, assist-ing you to release them in the gentlest manner possible, supported and nurtured as you do. Your healer will channel healing energy through the hands to heal and balance you, complimenting the healing with the use of healing crystals and therapeutic, high vibrational essential oils. You are loved and nurtured throughout , with follow up care detailed.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Abundance— A Way of Thinking

Abundant: to have plentiful supply.  We often think of abundance being about money, but it relates to all aspects of the human incarnation, e.g. opportunity, love, friendship, time, health, etc. It seems everywhere you turn there is negativity & stress about the world’s financial state. The media pumps up the negativity to keep you watching, it’s that state of chaos which leads us all to look for a better way.
Angels, Guides and those who teach abundance speak of the need for optimism to ensure that we receive lots of everything. But how does the whole concept of abundance work?
It’s simple really. What you focus on in your thoughts & speech determines what experiences you attract to you, it’s just a case of ‘like’ attracts ‘like’. So if you are stressing about having ‘no money’ to pay the mortgage/credit card/bills you will attract to you more of the same. If you take your bill, and see it as a sign that others had faith you had the capacity to pay, and take a bit of that faith, money will always come to you to ensure you can pay. So if you want to experience abundance in one or all parts of your life, you need to be positive, you need to believe the Universe is there waiting to bring it to you, you simply need to ask for it! It is also important to delete all negative thoughts about LACK! Lack is a belief or a habit that people get into when they have experienced scarcity, and then half expect it to occur again. To delete LACK from your life, you need to think positive thoughts about you being abundant. If you are struggling, seek out a healing to clear your blocks on abundance, receiving, and self worth or perhaps do the new Abundance Workshop. Abundanceis yours, just ask for it and allow yourself to receive it when it comes.
It’s up to you!
Living and embracing
Abundance Workshop-
9 May 09
A half day workshop exploring the gift of abundance and how to achieve it in all aspects of your life. Includes the Abundance and Manifestation CD by Karina and lots of techniques and insight to address any blocks you may be experiencing.
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Enjoy A Relaxing Well Being Massage while listening to A Relaxing Music

Do you wish for a massage that makes you feel amazing, relaxed and free? Do you imagine leaving a massage in a state of bliss that lasts, complimented by a physical release that is sustained by the body for longer? Do you want something special, something more healing than a massage, something that works on what your body really needs? Imagine being massaged not only with the therapist’s hands, but also with smooth healing crystals which magically ease away the disharmony felt in the body. It sends sensation of touch to a whole new level.
All of the senses are heightened during this treatment, the beauty of the room, the relaxing music, the aroma of the powerful healing essential oils (therapeutic grade) and finally the freshness of the filtered water. When experiencing the healing benefit of the essential oils, the crystals and the intuitive massage, you’ll want one every day!
Our body is a communication vehicle of the Soul, it speaks with flexibility when it is experiencing joy, and it screams to us in pain when it is not happy
in what we are saying or doing, or in the way we are treating our body.
When our body is unhappy, there is energy stuck and these massages address the release of the stuck energy, the muscles, and the lymphatics.
When our body is unhappy, there is energy stuck and these massages address the release of the stuck energy, the muscles, and the lymphatics.
Our intuitive therapists find those hidden areas like their hands are magic, smoothing away the tightness. Our therapists use specific crystals & essential oils depending on which treatment you choose, but also intuitively add in extras should you need them. Your privacy is always maintained, and you can choose the depth of pressure and those areas you wish to have concentrated on or avoided.
“Release It”
Are you tired, sore, experiencing pain, tension or discomfort in the body, or do you find yourself feeling anger easily? This massage is perfect to release any pain, anger or restriction within the muscles, leaving you with a greater range of movement and feeling peaceful.
“EnJoy It”
When was the last time you felt really happy? Do you feel flat, depressed, and sad or perhaps you just need a boost of joy. This massage is perfect to release and surrender old hurts and issues stored within the muscles, leaving you feeling lighter and more joyful.
“Balance It”
Do you find it difficult to balance the many demands on you and your time? Is your life getting so busy that you are the one missing out? Is your body suffering, do you feel out of sorts for no particular reason? Experience this massage to release the disharmony in your body and to return it and your mind to a state of balance, leaving you feeling like you can cope with anything.
“Relax It”
How stressed are you? Are you like a rubber band at full extension, feeling as if the slightest thing might break you or do you just never spend any time
giving to yourself? This massage provides you with a blissful time away from it all, easing away the stress with every stroke, enabling a sense of clarity and serenity that evaded you previously.
“Love It”
When you look in the mirror, do you have anything nice to say? Have you filled your life with self criticism? Do you love you or perhaps you feel starved of love from others? How well do you treat yourself? This massage is a step towards honouring yourself; it fills you up with love. The nurturing from the therapist combines with the healing oils and crystals assists you to ‘let go’ of any energy stuck in the body leaving you feeling happier, content and ready to love you!
“Baby-Belly It”
Wow! How amazing and exciting! Congratulations on this beautiful little baby within. So exciting yet so tiring for the body and so many physical and emotional changes as your baby & belly grow! We have special cushioning to support your body & belly from 12 weeks gestation. Nurture your body in the same way you are nurturing your baby with crystals & plain or lavender blended oil. You leave as a woman in one of the most beautiful times in your life feeling able to enjoy every minute of it.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sharing Your Flying Souls Awakening Your Intuition Experience

We would like to introduce Alison who is a past graduate of Awakening Your Intuition and
she would love to share her experience with you:

The atmosphere of the course was warm, like being with family & the most beautiful part was I realised that everyone was just like me. Though I thought my life was ‘sweet’ before, I learned that ‘sweet’ now takes on a whole new meaning. I came back from the course with the most peaceful glow. My heart has found serenity, I can now see with different eyes & feel with a more open heart. I believe in myself more and love myself more. It is such an incredible feeling to notice the difference in the way everyone interacts with me. Miracles keep happening around me. I believe that being in a group, but focusing on yourself was the best support for all of us. Flying Souls has touched my life with many blessings. Thank you
Karina for making your dreams a reality.

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