Monday, March 22, 2010

Sharing Your Flying Souls Awakening Your Intuition Experience

We would like to introduce Alison who is a past graduate of Awakening Your Intuition and
she would love to share her experience with you:

The atmosphere of the course was warm, like being with family & the most beautiful part was I realised that everyone was just like me. Though I thought my life was ‘sweet’ before, I learned that ‘sweet’ now takes on a whole new meaning. I came back from the course with the most peaceful glow. My heart has found serenity, I can now see with different eyes & feel with a more open heart. I believe in myself more and love myself more. It is such an incredible feeling to notice the difference in the way everyone interacts with me. Miracles keep happening around me. I believe that being in a group, but focusing on yourself was the best support for all of us. Flying Souls has touched my life with many blessings. Thank you
Karina for making your dreams a reality.

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