Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Abundance— A Way of Thinking

Abundant: to have plentiful supply.  We often think of abundance being about money, but it relates to all aspects of the human incarnation, e.g. opportunity, love, friendship, time, health, etc. It seems everywhere you turn there is negativity & stress about the world’s financial state. The media pumps up the negativity to keep you watching, it’s that state of chaos which leads us all to look for a better way.
Angels, Guides and those who teach abundance speak of the need for optimism to ensure that we receive lots of everything. But how does the whole concept of abundance work?
It’s simple really. What you focus on in your thoughts & speech determines what experiences you attract to you, it’s just a case of ‘like’ attracts ‘like’. So if you are stressing about having ‘no money’ to pay the mortgage/credit card/bills you will attract to you more of the same. If you take your bill, and see it as a sign that others had faith you had the capacity to pay, and take a bit of that faith, money will always come to you to ensure you can pay. So if you want to experience abundance in one or all parts of your life, you need to be positive, you need to believe the Universe is there waiting to bring it to you, you simply need to ask for it! It is also important to delete all negative thoughts about LACK! Lack is a belief or a habit that people get into when they have experienced scarcity, and then half expect it to occur again. To delete LACK from your life, you need to think positive thoughts about you being abundant. If you are struggling, seek out a healing to clear your blocks on abundance, receiving, and self worth or perhaps do the new Abundance Workshop. Abundanceis yours, just ask for it and allow yourself to receive it when it comes.
It’s up to you!
Living and embracing
Abundance Workshop-
9 May 09
A half day workshop exploring the gift of abundance and how to achieve it in all aspects of your life. Includes the Abundance and Manifestation CD by Karina and lots of techniques and insight to address any blocks you may be experiencing.
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