Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Love Affair with My Bum!! One women’s journey of self love

by: Bianca Sorrell
I know it‟s an unusual title for an article, but when I sat down to write this piece on self love and improving the loving relationship with yourself; it made me think about my own journey of self love. Truth be told it started the day I decided to love my bum.
For years I had, had a turbulent relationship with my Bottom; believing it was too big, horribly dimply, untoned and wobbly; generally something that was ugly and undesirable. All efforts to improve my self esteem were sabotaged by this inner war with my fore-seen enemy; my derriere.
This endless roller coaster was going nowhere; so a decision had to be made. This is where all great shifts occur, when the decision is made to create the desired change; and so I did.
I chose to love my bum… REALLY love my bum!!
With decision made, I had to put it into action and make my old believe system obsolete.
Some may say easier said than done, but with a never say never attitude, I was determined to break this cycle of self sabotage.
Now many of you with body hang ups may very well cringe at this part, because it does involved some nudity and mirrors.
I stood naked in front of the mirror, generally happy with what I saw; I turned around so my bum was now centre stage. I glanced over my shoulder at it, the usual negative remarks started to play in my head. I noticed how these comments made me feel, I felt low, sad, unhappy tears began to well in my eyes. Now came the moment to implement my new attitude and I said simply (looking at my bare bum) “I Love You”
They say it takes seven times to form a habit, and in all honesty I can‟t say how long it took to create this change in me.
Every time I got a glimpse of my bum in the mirror, I always think “God my bum looks hot / great/ sexy/ fabulous today or in those pants/ jeans” and would tell all my friends and col-leagues that I was having a love affair with my butt, and embraced its uniqueness, I saw beauty in something I once considered ugly and unlovable.
This is the point I place as the beginning of my self love journey, many other things have contributed along the way. I attended Flying Souls Finding & Embracing Soulmate love” workshop, I went with the intention to find my Soulmate ‟ and my happy ever after( stay tuned for results of that adventure) but what I wasn‟t expecting was to find a new found love for myself. It made me look deep within and discover the blocks I had towards love, allowing me to face them and remove them from my energetics and beliefs. With the more difficult issues I found Intuitive Healings helped and Australian bush essence (Confid) assisted in increasing my confidence.
Creating a healthy level of self love & self esteem has been the best change ever. I am Fabulous!! I feel so light, bright and Joyful.
I hope this story will inspire many of you to walk your own path to self love; remember it can start with a small change that can create the biggest of differences.
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