Sunday, May 30, 2010

No Ordinary Crystal Workshop…

Intuiting Your Crystals-
Aspect Of Intuition
This workshop will assist you to grow in the aspect of Intuition by connecting with your ability to intuit each crystal, learn the gifts it brings, subsequently learning how to use it, what will enhance its work and what its purpose is in your life at this time.
You will also examine the origins, structure, placement , what it can do, cleansing and healing capacity of each crystal along with its ability to enhance and promote your meditation practice.. This course is aimed at assisting you on your journey, but is easily adapted to work with others.
The crystals in this workshop are :
 Hematite
 Lapis Lazuli
 Obsidian
 Petalite
 Selenite
 Sodalite
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Bring more LOVE into your life

Finding & Embracing ‘Soulmate’ Love -
2 CD Set
From Karina Godwin

Soulmate love is real and it really is possible!
It can take your breath away and be everything you ever dreamed of and more ! It is the most special type of love, where just being with your ‟Soulmate‟ makes your heart sing, where each of you fulfills the needs of the other and where your dreams and desires become one.
Whether it is to cultivate Soulmate love in an existing relationship or to bring it to you in the form of a new relationship, the guided meditations on this beautiful 2CDset will assist you in opening up the channels of love in your own heart and releasing all that stops you form achieving your full potential in love.
It doesn‟t matter how long you‟ve been in your current relationship or how long it‟s been since you were in a relationship, your soul has a „Soulmate‟ already planned for you in this life journey, but it‟s up to you to ensure you are ready to receive it .
R.R.P $ 29.95
Finding & Embracing ‘ Soulmate’ Love course
2 x 1/2 days (usually 4-6 weeks apart )
Held at: Flying Souls Institute of Healing
Do you ever sit and wonder where the ‘Happy ever after‟ ending went? Why you‟re the one sitting alone or worse in a relationship that doesn‟t „ feed‟ the love requirements of your soul? Have you wondered whether there is a partner out there who is your „Soulmate‟?
This unique workshop is an experiential journey within to find and address those aspects of „you‟ which might be blocking true love coming your way. Perhaps you feel deep down that you don‟t deserve it ? Perhaps your heart is closed from past trauma?
There are so many reasons that stop love from being drawn to you , and none of them need to stay! Learn about different types of love and how they speak to you. Over two 3 1/2 hour sessions, usually 4-6 weeks apart you‟ll explore what you can change to attract true love to you, whether it be from a new love or igniting it in your current relationship.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stuck in the Land of Unforgiveness

I was teaching a course today and we were discussing relationships which were in conflict and it occurred to me that the vast majority of people are in conflict with at least one person at any time in their life. Why are so many of us experiencing conflict? Why are we not able to find peace with those around us? Why haven‟t we found a way of existing together that brings joy to our lives? Are we choosing the wrong people or are we just making life difficult?Life is meant to be peaceful, so what are we missing?
When we choose to incarnate here, we choose a number of lessons we wish to learn, making a list. Taking this list, we look for volunteers to be actors in our play of life‟, souls who are willing to help us achieve the lessons on our list. The easy jobs are filled quickly; everyone is up to being the nice guy/girl. Now the lessons that require you to change enormously the behaviours/ belief/ habits/ patterning or genetics that you have created or birthed yourself into remain. The lessons that will be hard/difficult/ painful for you, that will require the other person to be in conflict with you, to be hated or disliked and to be the one to tell/ create the „hard stuff‟ were ready to be filled. Only the Souls who carried great amounts of love for you stepped forward.
So here we are on Earth amongst all sorts of Souls, some we love, some we like, some we have no time for and others we really can‟t stand being around and other we describe as hating. Some make our life wonderful, some appear to have little effect and others make our life miserable. Each of these people are fulfilling a role. Our Soul, knowing how we would be likely to react has even organised back up plans/extra people to ensure we are success-ful in learning all of our lessons.
For example, I was sexually abused as a young girl. This was arranged at a Soul level to assist me to truly love myself, my abusers agreed to help me with such a terrible task and I agreed they would be perfect for the job. Next it occurs and I am furious, a rage so enormous that I can‟t handle/ face arises. I have forgotten the contract that was formed before my arrival here. I am a young girl who has been invaded in the most putrid way: my sexuality, how I look at myself, my femininity, my sense of safety, how I perceive men and my personal power has been dam-aged and interfered with. I will never be the same. I need to now rebuild my self-love, creating a new way of looking at myself that enables true love for me. But inside is this rage and I don‟t know how to deal with it. I grow through puberty and create behaviours and patterns that keep me safe although are damaging to my relationships.

Now I am a young woman and I am wading through the whirlpool of relationships and sex. I believe that men show their love to me only through sex, and I create new unhealthy beliefs and patterns. I now have other men moving through my life and each and every one of them fails or hurts me in some way. They too have been contracted to en-sure the lesson progresses so that I „get it‟. I am hurt and betrayed and become resentful and bitter at the relationships I am entering into. I have no trust for men and the rage is beginning to show in my body as illness.
In many previous incarnations I have tried to master the self love lesson and not succeeded. In this life I have taken drastic steps and recruited people whose behaviour would cause a catalyst, a breakdown of previous patterns and behaviour so that I could truly move forward in loving myself. I begin healings, finding its causes and begin to address the energetic and physical disturbances; in the process I find myself. I find the most beautiful and gentle woman with a great sense of humour and a very cheeky approach to the world. I find she has great passion to make a difference and I begin to use each and every one of those past experiences to ease the way for others, to inspire them to let go and to begin embracing their lives despite their hurt.
So how did I move on? How did I forgive them all? I chose to stand in my power, to no longer allow their behaviour to detrimentally affect my life or energetics or health in any way. I never once said it was ok for their behaviour, but I chose to forgive the pain they had given me opportunity to experience. I remembered the scene in the Spirit Realm when I was planning this life and the agreements we made together. I realised that they were simply doing what I asked of them, and often better than I could have hoped for in that planning stage as a Soul. I chose to forgive myself for reacting in the ways I did, and for any part I may have played in making things worse……and I began truly living again. I don‟t really understand why my Soul chose this path, and I‟m not sure that its one I‟d recommend as it was a „shocker‟. But so much good has come of it, I have realised I am the woman I am to-day as a result of those experiences and I couldn‟t take any of it back. I am also gifted with the opportunity to heal others and gift back their sexuality and have taught many Intuitive Healers to do this healing too, enabling so many more people to be reached and freed of these horrible invasions of their most sacred places.
I use this approach to every conflict I have in life and it has been so successful, please try it and good luck!
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

How Are You Coping with Change ?

When Everything Changes, Change Everything
By Neale Donald Walsch
I did a full day workshop in America with Neale Donald Walsch and he is gorgeous. His book is exactly as if you are listening to him speaking. This book is life changing to those who use it, it takes you from a time of change or crisis and says to you: whilst you‟re at it, why not change everything to make your life all that
you have hoped for. He goes on to help you to understand the difference in reacting as opposed to responding to the dramas in life and how to change the little things to create huge changes. I have already seen enormous changes in those clients who have completed the book, well worth it.
R.R.P $ 35.00
Published By Hodder &Stoughton Ltd

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Master Healer Dorado Azul

We at Flying Souls have found this oil to have phenomenal healing capacity . It is very difficult to pin point a singular use for this oil.
Following are a few points I have researched from Young Living and distributors of this oil.
- Has powerful purifying properties
-Improves digestion and enhances mood.

It contains many compounds that are very inter-esting: Alpha pinenes, to modulate brain function. Hypothalamus is the first to deregulate hormone balance and thyroid balance. Limonene is effective with tumours; eucalyptol 1.8 cineol reduces inflammation. People have ex-perienced a 72% reduction in steroids with use of 1.8 cineol. Fenchone, a hormone molecule, balances estrogen; terpinene 4-ol, which has never been seen before in an oil, is remarkable for respiratory uses. Source:
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free Massage to relax your mind and your body!

We know how busy and exhausting our lives can get and sometimes it’s a challenge to  maintain the balance between giving so much of yourself to others and giving back to yourself. If you feel that life is getting the better of you and you long for peace and calm in your life, then take yourself to a state of Bliss with one of our signature ‘healing massages’.

With the magical combination of specialist essential oil blends, crystal healing stones and choose areas to be gifted intuitive massage therapists, tuning into your body’s needs, our massages are a cross between a ‘healing’ and a ‘massage’, which means you get the best of both worlds. After a couple of these extremely nurturing sessions, your friends will start noticing the difference in how great you look and you’ll start noticing how great you feel.  Each massage is a full body massage with care given to privacy and the ability for each client to concentrated’ upon or ‘avoided’.
We offer 6 different massages:
Relax it – for stressed and aching muscles
Release It – for releasing old patterns held in the physical body
Love It – for promoting self love & therefore inviting love into your life.
Balance It – for balancing out the mind, body and spirit and centering
Enjoy It – Just because you deserve it
Babybelly It – to relieve the tension of an expanding body during
pregnancy We use specific blends of Young Living Essential oils which have been chosen for their therapeutic nature and Karina’s years of experience watching how amazingly effective they have been in both her healing practice and her own healing journey.
“I haven’t known this deep sense of calm for a really long time, since I came to Australia”. Emma
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Flying Souls Calendar of Events

Advanced Awakening – 31st July & 1st August
Awakening Your Intuition – 15th & 16th May, 26th & 27th June
Finding & Embracing Soulmate Love – Day 1 – 17th July Day 2 – 14th Aug
Intuitive Healing - 1st & 2nd May
Intuiting Your Crystals – Aspect of Intuition - 8th May
- Aspect of Passion – 24th May
Living & Embracing Abundance - 17th July
Talking to the Angels for Kids - TBA
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Spiritual Journey to Arizona & Sedona: Celebrate Your Life!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just made it back from the Celebrate Your Life conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. What an amazing and life-changing experience, capped off with 2 days in Sedona amongst the energy vor-exes and finally the essential day of shopping in LA! It was a very full on trip, 8 days and 9 nights of insights, release, experience and heart opening joy. I travelled with Alesa who is one of our clients from Sydney and the changes in her were phenomenal, she left as Alesa and came back a glowing and more confident and beautiful woman. I can only imagine the changes were similar in me as both Zavier(2.5yrs) & my husband Berni had trouble recognising me at the airport gate…I had to get their attention before they realised it was me!
So what exactly happened, and what can I share with you from my experiences. Good news is that my next articles will either focus upon or bring insight and teachings from what I have learned. Celebrate Your Life is a huge American spiritual event with up to 40 major speakers speaking and teaching to around 2000 participants, mostly from the US but some internationals like us! We became almost famous as the Australian girls‟ as they loved listening to stories of our country and adored our accents.
On booking I could never have imagined how huge it could be. I did a full day workshop with Neale Donald Walsch and smaller workshops with Wayne Dwyer, Iyanla Vanzant, Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, Sonia Choquette, Greg Braden, Brian Weiss, John Holland, James Van Praagh, S.A.R.K and Julie Murphy Casserly. It was incredible to be amongst the wisdom of such prominent speakers and Alesa got to experience some others who were all awe-some. If you can make it, attend for it has so much potential to unleash in each of us. I tried to explain it on the plane on the way home and found that words couldn‟t capture the magic of the journey, but the end result was clear. I left as Karina and although I returned as Karina, I am different because I am now wearing my Spirit not only on the inside, but on the outside too! All within a week!
Sedona was an amazing and capped off the Conference perfectly. The red rocks and energy vortexes that create this special place healed my body and energetics in the most in-credible way. It was like my energy was turned in-side out, realigned and connected once again with the fullness of my Spirit. I could feel the pull of the energy an hour before our shuttle arrived drawing my heart forward and closer and closer to its source. Our guide was gorgeous, both in energy & in looks, Näthan led us on a journey that was both spiritual and energetic. When we climbed to top of one of the Mesa‟s the vista was awe inspiring and were then taken on a guided medita-tion that created a connection with the Earth and the magic of Sedona, so much so that at the end there was no grounding required, I was at one with Sedona and the Universe.
The Conference Speaker who created the most pro-found change is difficult to identify as each speaker took me on a perfectly choreographed dance toward an open heart and embracing my spirit. I have to say I have my favourites, but the session that left me with a wet face and top was Iyanla Vanzant. She is the most beautiful Soul who stood up and talked to us about exercising our „no muscle‟ and saying yes only to those things/activities/commitments that honour us. She taught us that when we do things because we don‟t want to hurt peo-ple‟s feelings, or because we think we should or be-cause we‟re too afraid to say no we interfere with the lessons they have chosen to live in this life. As we all know, if we don‟t pay attention to our lessons they come back bigger or more noticeable next time. Her comment was that if we really cared about these people we would say no, in fact we would “mind your own business!” This really hit home, as I certainly don‟t want to contribute in any way to making the journey of those I love more difficult or challenging and I have spent most of my life agree-ing to please others or to avoid conflict. So I have committed to saying it as it is, to honouring the journey of every person in my life including me! For if I am honouring everyone else around me, I am then also honouring myself! It is so exciting and such a different way of looking at things as Iyanla told us that very few people actually have a strong „no muscle‟ and most of us say yes when we don‟t mean it at some stage or another. Food for thought isn‟t it? How could you change things to honour you more? Perhaps just start a bit at a time and then go from there…it‟s actually a lot eas-ier than you think!
I guess now I‟ve been living these changes for a week and watching. What is important is that we speak our truth, to both ourselves and to others, that we speak it with gentleness but with firm-ness, creating no space for you to be manipulated out of that choice. We need to keep our „no muscle‟ taut and terrific and get rid of the „guilt trip‟ that we often follow when we choose what honours us. Guilt is such a tricky emotion, it always seeks to punish, so leave it out of your repertoire.
It was very powerful experience and ended with the most life changing meditation that I have to this day experi-enced. Iyanla is beautiful, she has the most gentle but inspiring and very funny way of presenting and it is easy to see she is an Angel here on Earth. We have ordered in her new book “One Day my Soul Just Opened Up” which the session was based on.
I have returned home changed but in essence the same. I will be addressing those areas of my life that do not honour my highest good at this time. I have learnt so much from each speaker and have many notes to enable sharing. All staff will have the opportunity to learn from these experiences which will in turn enable them to support and empower you on your journey in a new and powerful way. I look forward to the results this one confer-ence will bring to our community and subsequently our world.
Coming soon…Love your Spirit and 2013, What needs to be done!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seasonal Sensation- At home treatments that are to easy to do

One thing I love to do to pamper myself or my loved ones (if I feel inclined) is a Blissful foot bath & sugar scrub.
What you need:
1 x Large Foot bowl
2 x Towels
1 Tbsp Electric soda crystals ( can be found at the supermarket)
2 Drops of an Essential Oil ( of your choice)
2 x Rose Quartz ( Tumbled or Rough)
1 x Rhodochrosite (Tumbled)
4 x Clear Quartz Points
(Number of crystals used is personal preference, these numbers are just a suggestion from the author)
Sugar Scrub;
2 tbsp sugar ( Raw sugar is best, but white sugar work as well)
2 tbsp pure base oil (e.g. Sweet Almond, Olive oil etc)
Listed below are few selected Essential oils that you might like to put in your foot bath and influences associated with inhalation of these oils aroma. (Please note those with ™ are specific Young living oil blends)
Increases spiritual awareness and pro-motes meditation. May also help improve attitude and uplift spirits, which may help to strengthen the immune system.
Is calming, relaxing and balancing, for one, both physically and emotionally.
Ylang Ylang
Influences sexual energy and en-hances relationships. It may help stimulate the adrenal glands, it is calming and relaxing and may also help with anger and possibly rage and low self esteem. It brings back the feeling of self love, confidence, joy and peace.
Warning; Do Not Use if pregnant or under doctor’s care, consult physician. Repeated use can possibly result in contact sensitization
Uplifting and elevating to the mind creating a happy, positive attitude.
Creates feelings of self-love and confidence
Peace & Calming
Promotes a feeling of calming and emotional well-being
Warning; May be irritating to those with sensitive skin. Avoid eye contact. In case of eye of accidental contact, put a few drops of any pure vegetable oil in the eye and call your doctor if necessary. Never use water to dilute or rinse. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for 3 days after use. Do Not Use if pregnant or under doctor’s care, consult physician
What To do :
Place bowl on towel at recipients feet.
Use a jug to fill the foot bowl with water at temperature that is suit-able for person receiving treatment.
Add to bowl electric soda crystals, 2 drops of Essential oils and agitate.
Place Crystals gently into the bowl. Remember to exercise care at all times and be sure that the crystals don’t have sharp edges that could cause injuries.
Place feet into the bowl and soak for 5 mins.
Take one foot out and using half the sugar scrub mixture, scrub foot for around 3-5 mins then place back in water and rinse off and repeat this process on other foot .
Soak again for approx 5-10 minutes or until water cools depend-ing on the preference of the per-son receiving the treatment.
Remove feet from foot bath and dry thoroughly using the second towel.
Relax & Enjoy your perfectly pampered Footsies
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well Being Magazine Give away!!

We have 10 packs of 2 issues of Wellbeing Magazine to give away …
Simply tell us in 50 words or less what you love about Flying Souls Institute of Healing
Entries can be emailed to
Or posted directly to Attn Newslet-ter @ Flying souls – 79 Asling Street , Brighton Vic 3186
Winners will be drawn at random through out competition time frame.
Competition closes June 30th 2010 or whilst stocks last
To know more feel free to visit our website:

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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother’s Martyrdom…. Is this you ?

We celebrate Mother‟s Day soon, a time of appreciation for the role of your Mother, or perhaps you! It is an interesting celebration and one that raises many questions of the Mothers of the world and their selfless contribution to the children they have chosen to raise. Mums have this role, but they are not alone, for many people also give selflessly to those around them, e.g. family, friends, colleagues or charities.

Are you a Martyr? I was a magnificent martyr, a pattern of behaviour I am finally breaking. I believed that I needed to do/be certain things to be enough. I believed I must put my children, husband, family and friends before my own needs, that I must have the perfect house, children and job. I was terrified of the judgement and loneliness, so I mirrored myself on hardworking people and perfected their roles until I was too busy to be happy. As my happiness slid away, so did my willingness to do things for others. I felt tired and unappreciated and began to begrudge everything. I had become a martyr!
Most of us associate a Martyr as being someone who dies/suffers for a cause, but many martyrs are just ordinary people. How many people do things because they feel obliged, guilty, indebted, or forced to do it, are fearful of the consequences if they change or believe no one else will do it. Maybe they look good if they are doing so much for others. Maybe be you‟re staying in a job because you believe they won‟t cope without you. So you may be realising you are a full blown martyr like I was or you may have noticed parts of your life that are martyr-like. It‟s clear this is not good, but how do we break the pattern and change it?
If you have recognised any martyrdom in you, you are already changing it. As you become aware, you release the power of this old patterning and a willingness to let go develops. Now you are in a powerful position to make big, positive changes! Work out how this behaviour is creating a reward, making you feel „good‟. It‟s time to be honest and objective, perhaps someone close can help. This is not to judge you, but to help you let go of the old you. Is it a belief that this is what it takes to be a good parent, partner, child, employee or sibling? Does it make you feel superior/noble/righteous or do you receive sympathy for what you are doing? “Poor Karina, I don‟t know how she does it all!” Do you believe that you must struggle to be successful/happy/rich? Somewhere in your life you have associated a „gain‟ with doing something you didn‟t want to do and it has spiralled into your current circumstances.
Once you know what and why, the real job begins. Do you need that reward through martyrdom or could you gain it in some other way? I believe we need to be living each moment as passionately as we can. I‟m not suggesting you don‟t wash the dishes anymore, as this will bring its own form of misery when you can‟t make a clean cup of tea. Imagine a slight change of attitude and a new way of doing things bringing you a whole new happier life…..I made it happen so can you! A life that is driven by what you really want to do, rather than „have to‟, one full of time for you to do what you love! I took total responsibility for my life, for how I was feeling and what I was doing and stopped blaming others. No one could take the blame for my choices, so therefore if I wasn‟t happy, the buck stopped with me. I stopped whinging and blaming and started analysing why. Once I understood why I was doing things, I got to work on finding out new ways of thinking and choosing. E.g. I always complained I never had any time: 5 kids, a big house, a business to run and what do you expect! Enough! I looked at why I was doing everything myself. I felt important having all the responsibility and could take credit for the results. I was reluctant to put the effort and time into teaching my family to take responsibility for them-selves and their stuff. I gained sympathy and I felt more like those around me. How ridiculous, all of it! I was punishing myself using my beliefs about my roles and trying to overcompensate for being a working Mum!
I got creative and sought advice and ideas from others, books and the internet, trying each till we had success. So successful that last weekend there were 8 loads of washing to wash, dry, fold and put away and I didn‟t do any. My body crashed. I am sitting here writing this article on Wednesday after rescheduling today‟s clients and spending almost a whole day in bed. Martyrdom is tiring and I have been working too hard. My body needed rest, and whilst I hate to inconvenience others I had to stop and listen to its needs. I am creating a plan to delegate more so that I can manage some free time! Goodbye Martyrdom, welcome loving myself enough to care about me too!
Try it, you can do it too, look outside the square, believe any-thing is possible and then make changes. You deserve it, whether you‟re a Mum or not, you deserve to love your life too. A friend said to me on the weekend that she looks at the tasks in her life and many are expected, but the benefits of seeing the smile on her child‟s face after winning his game makes those trips to & from training so worthwhile. She chooses to do because she enjoys it, and that‟s the opposite of martyr-dom…..give it a try in your life!
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Friday, May 7, 2010

An easy way to connect with the Angels..

Angels For Kids
By Kathy Sheehan
This book is about explaining Angels from a child’s perspective, helping them to understand why there are angels and how they can help us. It shows us that they are with us all the time and can present themselves in many, many ways.  This book presents the opportunity for children to understand that it’s okay to have angels and in fact quite normal!

There’s is a cool meditation that helps kids to connect to their own personal angel and examples of how angels can help.
(Simply print this coupon)
Overall, I enjoyed the content and believe this book would help children.. and adults to understand angels and their role, offering an opportunity to explore further.
Let both you and your children’s imagination soar!!!
Suitable for 4-5 year olds and up-wards
R.R.P $ 14.95
Published By Joshua Books

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Our Greatest Fear! Something to Ponder!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people per-mission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others..” Marianne Williamson

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Choosing the Healing Massage that’s right for you

Release any pain , anger or restrictions within your mus-cles, leaving you with a greater range of movement and feeling peaceful
Creates time away from it all, easing away stress, enabling a sense of clarity and serenity that evaded you previously
Assist you to release and surrender old hurts and issues stored within the muscles, leaving you feeling lighter and more joyful
Supporting you through this amaz-ing experience, with the physical and emotional changes as your baby and belly grow. You leave feeling as a woman in one the most beautiful times in your life, able to enjoy every minute of it
Is a step towards honouring yourself; it fills you up with love. Assist you to „let go‟ of any energy stuck in the body, leaving you feeling happier, content and ready to love
Release disharmony in your body and return it and your mind to a state of balance, leaving you feeling like you can cope with anything

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Healing Massage has SO much to offer !!

What is Healing Massage??
It‟s a conversation of creative flow between your Mind, Body , Spirit and your Massage Therapist, where hands dance in a fusion of strength and compassion that washes away the muscular and energetic block-ages that are holding you back.
Imagine your own private oasis, warm, inviting, serene, comforting.. It‟s just divine.
With you is a beautiful Angel ( your massage therapist), ready to assist you in letting go of that which no longer serves you. She directs you to lay face down on the massage table; it is SO comfortable, just like being wrapped in a fluffy cloud.. WOW!! You can sense that this is the beginning of something extraor-dinary.

As you take a few deep breathes you feel your body relax and melt into the table. Your therapist applies the luxu-rious massage oil blend and as the delicious scent of the essential oils travel through your nasal passage it entices your senses, carrying you into deeply relaxed state, allowing the healing to begin.
With great care and finesse your therapist gets to work, finding all those hidden trouble spots within your body, it is like your body is tell-ing her where she can find them.
An elation arises in your sensory nerves as your therapist moves her hands over your muscles, it feels like a warm summers breeze gently brushing your skin, you note the smooth yet cool sensation of the magical healing crystals being used.
There is a shift in your energetics,.
Your therapist moves along your entire body concentrating on those areas you discussed needed attention and avoiding those areas you did not want to be included; your tension just melts away..
Welcome to Euphoria!!!
As your treatment comes to an end you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, Congratulations!!!
You have just treated your Mind, Body, and Spirit as a whole. Connecting them and allowing the experience to be pure BLISS!!!
As you arise from the table and return back through the doors to the “Real” world, you notice you feel lighter, calmer and empowered.
You are ready to move beyond your recent state and soar to new heights.
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meditation for Connecting to your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel

Imagine accessing your inner guidance from a young age, ensuring safety & great decisions. That’s living intuitively, a gift we are all born with, but one which we tend to forget how to use as we grow. We encourage children to live intuitively, to follow their heart, to be all that they are.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

When Truth prevents a life filled with Drama

How is truth related to drama? What fills your life? Is it peace, fulfilments and your needs being met or is it struggle, angst and drama? My life was filled with Drama featuring struggle, conflict or issues. I couldn‘t even return a dress to a shop with a receipt without being questioned. My relationships always had something going on and everyone around me filled their lives with gossip or opinions or stories relating to the lives of others.
Something has definitely shifted, for even though our fairy garden has been flooded and really looks dreadful with carpet pulled up, I have just gone with the flow. A second flooding the next day was no drama or big deal. I now choose peace. How has my decision to tell the truth deleted the drama and how can you do it too?
When I sat and thought about this article, I really wanted to create a huge opportunity for change, to bring the teachings of the many prominent speakers in Spirituality and Positive Living from the Celebrate Your Life conference I attended in America. I have taken a bit from each of them and changed my life. When I returned home, I realised my life didn‘t support the changes I had made and that my life at that time was incom-patible in many ways with the woman I had become. My heart had been stretched open and I no longer feared what people had to say about me, changing everything. I left as a woman who always had on her radar the effects of what she said or how she behaved. I returned as a woman who knew within her heart that everything that is said or done is always perfect and that we really need to embrace truth if we are to find peace, joy and love. That anything other than the truth created drama in my life, those around me and my environment, barring peace from my reality. That when I was truthful the drama disappeared.
I touched on this last newsletter and received an interesting reply suggesting care is needed as to what and how truth is told. We live in a community who generally seek to be nice. But is truth not nice? I choose to sink into my heart and speak truthfully as I react to past times when it was thought I was insensitive. For me I welcome the truth as an opportunity for me to gain insight into how I am living and what I can change to become more heart based, but I have learned the hard way that this isn’t the norm. I watched the trailer with amusement for the new movie ―The Invention of Lying‖ where everyone without hesitation avoid the absolute truth and responded appropriately. One day a man comes across the notion that if he told it differently he could get everything he wanted in life. When did we decide that truth wasn‘t the best option?
I have always prided myself on being truthful, with a very few exceptions. One day a patient enquired if his cancer results had arrived which only Doctors were permitted to provide. Despite his results arriving an hour earlier and being negative, his Doctor refused to interrupt his evening and I was furious. I said that I had spoken to his Doctor earlier and he hadn‘t seen any results, that in my experience this was a really good sign because only positive results were sent through urgently. That I could almost guarantee he was OK because even if they on fax I couldn‘t tell him. Next day he greeted me with chocolates and thanked me for my appalling lying, it had brought him peace. I had told him the truth by avoiding the truth but I don‘t really recommended it.
So avoiding the truth worked and I could use it to avoid lying. How many times yesterday did you lie or avoid the truth? Did you do it to prevent hurt feelings, being judged or gossiped about or to keep something private? Did it occur to you to tell that person without any untrue or lame excuse that you weren‘t able to come? Did you ever think to tell the truth about that dress to avoid others gossiping about how she looked in it ? Did you think about how much drama telling that little un truth could use you? How much drama was created either directly or indirectly in that one action and for how many people? I refused an invitation to a party that I wasn‘t up to attending due to an exhausting week by apologising for not coming. In telling the truth I didn’t have to watch out for how and what I said to mutual friends about my weekend to keep my secret and avoided a lot of drama and stress. I didn‘t give an excuse and it felt good. I plan to catch up soon and have quality time together as I‘ll be really present and not counting down the hours till I can reasonably go home.
What was the real outcome of telling the truth? Personal Power! I honoured me and my needs as the highest priority. I saw my Spirit and allowed it to shine because at no time did I disrespect that person and tell them a lie. If I really care about others, I will tell them the truth and in doing so I will allow my personal power to stay with me. I will not ask others to lie for me and take their power from them. I will not agree to lie or omit for others and thus give my power way. For inthose circumstances I honour nothing and my Spirit mourns the opportunity it had to shine. For when I say anything that is not my truth I dishonour the person I am lying to, by presum-ing that they can‘t or won‘t handle the truth. Perhaps they won‘t but it is their choice and who knows, this may be exactly what you agreed to teach them when creating your contract for this life. Perhaps it isn’t their truth but telling it will enable you to both find your way on this journey we travel on Earth. I have a good friend Tracey who said to me a long time ago that ―You can‘t argue with the truth‖ which mirrors the way I like to live, always willing to see parts of myself that need softening or altering to honour me as an opportunity. Where can truth become an asset to you?
I was talking to my meditation class and I realised I have never told the truth about my psychic ability, seeing the little girl within who needed heal-ing to let go of the idea she wouldn‘t be liked if she was really‘ psychic! So I healed it and I am now really proud of my ability, of my accuracy and of the dramatic changes I assist others to achieve. Yes I see spirits and the dead‘ around me all the time, I see prophecy every day and it is a natural and easy way of being. And yes I love being psychic, I am a bit different and that may mean that others feel uncomfortable, but I don‘t mind anymore. I can see truth in others by looking , I am now being truthful and allowing me to see all the good within and I‘m finding it is not so hard. If being truthful means that I will attract and surround myself with those who love me for being that , then so be it. Truth cannot harm you, it is an invitation to freedom from that which makes you sad or angry for this is the reaction to an absence of truth. For if I can inspire others to live their truth, to be gentle in its delivery and respectful of the person receiving it, I hope they too will find happiness and peace as I have in a life free of drama !
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are you Stuck in the Middle of Your Life?

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered why it is always the same? Are you frustrated by the state of your life, how you are continuously coming up against the same problems, people and experiences? Is money a constant struggle, or is it relationships, work or friends? Do you wonder why life is challenging you over and over? Does it look as though some people lead charmed lives?
Does it feel like nothing will ever change and/or that you are powerless to change it? Perhaps it feels like there is nothing exciting to live for, that one day is mostly the same as the next? This is a common problem amongst people throughout society and is not necessarily related to your state of wealth. Our lives do get repetitive, for two reasons. One, we get ourselves into a state of habit, where we generally react in the same way to the things that happen in our lives. This keeps us feeling safe and a bit more in control as we are buffeted by the winds of life’s lessons. Two, often we ignore or don‟t understand the lesson within the circumstances we are facing, which means that generally it will recur in a more obvious or prevalent way to help you get it‟ next time.
But what if life could change, what if you could go from being poor, scared, lonely, sad, angry to being happy, loved and feeling safe. What would you be willing to give up to create real change in your life? When would you be willing to make those changes? I gave up everything with the exception of my children to make my life what I wanted. I even gave up the opportunity to put them to bed every night for a chance to give them a happy family, those 5yrs were the greatest sacrifice I made. I gave up my marriage, my career (to the horror of those around me), my big luxurious home, my dog and a number of my friends and some family. Why did I do this? Because when I stopped to really look at my life, I found I was miserable, lacking anything (excepting my children) that made my heart want to sing. Unfortunately many people get to the time in their lives when their children have grown up and moved away and find that their life feels or is meaningless, often described as a mid-life crisis!
One day after my friends funeral I saw a vision, my life 5 years in the future…. it was no different, just unhappier as I experienced more of the same. It created a catalyst, a reason to change, and change I did. I kept that vision of my future life and Louise Hay‟s words that if you want to know how your life will be in 5 years, take how you‟re thinking now and amplify it. So I started watching my thoughts, words and actions as if I was someone else looking in. I was blown away how negative and hard I had become. I began to change the way I thought and what I said. We are the result of our thoughts. What we think or say is what the Universe hears us to be saying we want so it creates what it hears. I began to understand that we are in charge of what our life is and positive experiences followed this change in my thinking. We create more of what we are.
Next I took a long hard look at all the aspects of my life and made a list of all that was not working, and a second list of what was working. The first list was 5 pages long; the second list filled only 5 lines. Slowly I began to change the items on the first list, sometimes one a  day, sometimes one a month. I did as much as I could handle and despite feeling overwhelmed I pushed through my doubts and fears and kept changing. Five years after that vision, my life was unrecognisable as the length of the lists had reversed. I feel really lucky, but I truly believe that luck comes to those who make it. I chose to change and I changed almost everything leaving the only 2 things I would not elimi-nate, my children.
What are you willing to do to change your life? Nothing is impossible, believe me! I took myself from feeling trapped in a life of misery with no obvious way out to a life full of happiness and contentment. I want for nothing; I am loved and love many. I have a comfortable home, great friends and a wonderful family and I have the best job in the world. You too can change your life to being one of love, happiness and success. Start with the little things and keep changing the things you don’t like. Trust that the Universe is and will always help and guide you towards a more posi-tive life when you decide that this is what you want. Ask your Angels or Guides for help and expect nothing short of its arrival! Good luck and happy changing!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Coolest and Fashionable Lucky Charm in Australia

They are Australian Jewelery designers who work ethically in partnership with traditional Silver smiths from countries around the world to bring you a beautiful range of designer gemstone jewelery.
Pictured is a selection of the gorgeous pendants we currently have in stock.
Silver Wings Designs.They are Australian Jewellery designers who work ethically in partnership with traditional Silver smiths from countries around the world to bring you a beautiful range of designer gemstone jewelery.Pictured is a selection of the gorgeous pendants we cur-rently have in stock.
Silver wings mission is to be as ethical as possible from Mine to Design.
As a Centre of Excellence and with a great social & global conscious ourselves, we are grateful for this opportunity to align ourselves with such an ethical company.
Silver wings is a fair trade organisation, allowing for the great opportunities to those workers, who in other circumstances may not get basic rights or decent working conditions.
Also all profits from Silver wing Jewelery goes to the Thai teen-age project. Which is saving Thai teenagers from sexual exploitation.
It really is magnificent work that they are doing, for more information you can contact the company direct at
If you can offer any financial support it will be of assistance to the cause.
Come into the centre and check out the range today.
It truly is magnificent jewellery that makes you feel beautiful inside and out.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Full Moon Ritual – To release the old & plant the new

This is a simple, yet very powerful ritual which assists you in fearlessly moving forward.  As it is the time of Autumn Equinox this is the perfect moment to release old behaviour patterns, beliefs and needs from your energetic, that no longer serve your highest good.Also to plant new dreams and ideas so they may cultivate into reality.
This ritual can be done individually or in a gathering or group.
Firstly take a sheet of paper and list all the things you wish to let go of, this will become your “release” list. Then take another sheet of paper and list all that you wish to bring into your life, this will become your “seeding” list.
If you have chosen to do this ritual in a group, each individual takes turns reading their lists, sharing them with the others.
Once that is done, take your “release” list, holding it up to the sky, offering it to the full moon. Place in a fire ap-propriate container or area and burn it to nothing. This releases the energies up to the universe. Always remember fire safety.
This is a simple, yet very powerful ritual which assists you in fearlessly moving forward.As it is the time of Autumn Equinox this is the perfect moment to release old behaviour patterns, beliefs and needs from your energetic, that no longer serve your highest good.Also to plant new dreams and ideas so they may cultivate into reality.This ritual can be done individually or in a gathering or group.Firstly take a sheet of paper and list all the things you wish to let go of, this will become your “release” list. Then takeanother sheet of paper and list all that you wish to bring into your life, this will become your “seeding” list.If you have chosen to do this ritual in a group, each individual takes turns reading their lists, sharing them with the others.Once that is done, take your “release” list, holding it up to the sky, offering it to the full moon. Place in a fire ap-propriate container or area and burn it to nothing. This releases the energies up to the universe. Always remem-ber fire safety.
Take your “seeding” list, kiss it and hold it to the sky offer-ing it to the moon. Then you can either keep it, bury it or burn it to nothing. This takes your wishes into reality.
Congratulations you have now completed this life changing ritual.
Take in the moment, to allow the change to integrate relax and enjoy a glass of water.
This Month‟s Full moon is: April 28th
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meditating for Abundance

Choose a spot free of distractions. Create a relaxing space using aromatherapy, incense, candles or soft music, which ever makes you feel comfortable. Taking quiet, slow breaths allow your body to relax and become still. As you relax imagine you body is becoming lighter and lighter.

In front of you is a treasure chest. It is the most beautiful chest you
have ever seen. What is it made of? Is it decorated? Is it easy to reach? Is it locked? This chest holds the abundance of every aspect of your life. Ask that all the beliefs & limitations you hold regarding your abundance be cleared and visualize them dissolving into the light.
Look into your heart, this is where the key to the chest is kept. See the key shining brightly in your heart or just know that it is there. Put the treasure chest on your lap and bring the key down to open the lock – lift the lid. What do you see in the chest for you right now? Take these things out of the chest and place them into your heart and let them blend into every cell of your body, exploding like glitter right through you.
When this is complete bring yourself back into your body and visualise roots growing out from the bottom of your feet into the earth to ground you.
This meditation has now manifested these dreams and desires, all you need to do now is to allow them to happen and take action when guided.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Healing Crystals for your everyday life!

Crystals are well known for their healing properties. They assist to clear away negative energy, connect to the higher realms in meditation, help us to release old patterns and restore clarity and calm to mention just a few.  Placing crystals around the home or in the work place can help in bringing the energy that is needed at that time, and being within the earth over many thousands of years, they bring a beautiful, grounding earthly aspect into the space also which is very powerful. Small tumbled crystals are also handy to place in your pocket or bra during the day.
Below are a few suggestions of crystals that will create a healing and loving environment for you, your family and friends.
Peace & Harmony
Rhodochrosite— represents selfless love and compassion. This stone imparts a dynamic and positive attitude and is excellent for the heart and relationships.
Rose Quartz— is the stone of unconditional love and peace, teaching the true essence of love. It opens the heart at all levels, and brings deep inner healing and self love.
Clear Quartz— is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it.
Garnet —is a powerfully energizing and regenerating stone. It revitalizes,
purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate. It is said to be able to warn off approaching danger and was long ago carried
as a protective talisman.
Aventurine —is a very positive stone of prosperity. This crystal defuses negative situations and turns them around. It takes you back into the past to find sources of dis ease.
Azurite— brings about clear understanding and new perspectives and expands the mind. It releases long-standing blocks. It challenges your view of reality and lets go or programmed belief systems to move you into the unknown
without fear.
Crystals are well known for theirhealing properties. They assist toclear away negative energy, connectto the higher realms in meditation, help us to release old patterns and restore clarity and calmto mention just a few. Placing crystalsaround the home or in the work place can help in bringing the energy that is needed at that time, and being within the earth over many thousands of years, they bring a beautiful, grounding earthly aspectinto the space also which isvery powerful. Small tumbled crystals are also handy to place in your pocket or bra during the day.  Below are a few suggestions of crystals that will create a healing and loving environment for you, your family and friends.
Peace & Harmony
Rhodochrosite— represents selflesslove and compassion. This stone imparts a dynamic and  positive attitude and is excellentfor the heart and relationships.
LoveRose Quartz —is the stone of unconditionallove and peace, teaching the true essence of love. Itopens the heart at all levels, andbrings deep inner healing and selflove.
Meditation Clear Quartz —is the most powerful healing and energy amplifieron the planet. It absorbs, stores,releases and regulates energyand is excellent for unblocking it.
Garnet— is a powerfully energizingand regenerating stone. It revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passionas appropriate. It is said tobe able to warn off approachingdanger and was long ago carriedas a protective talisman.
Aventurine— is a very positivestone of prosperity. This crystal defuses negative situations andturns them around. It takes youback into the past to find sourcesof disease.
Azurite— brings about clear understandingand new perspectives and expands the mind. It releases long-standing blocks. It challengesyour view of reality andlets go or programmed belief systems to move you into the unknown without fear.
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