Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Spiritual Journey to Arizona & Sedona: Celebrate Your Life!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just made it back from the Celebrate Your Life conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. What an amazing and life-changing experience, capped off with 2 days in Sedona amongst the energy vor-exes and finally the essential day of shopping in LA! It was a very full on trip, 8 days and 9 nights of insights, release, experience and heart opening joy. I travelled with Alesa who is one of our clients from Sydney and the changes in her were phenomenal, she left as Alesa and came back a glowing and more confident and beautiful woman. I can only imagine the changes were similar in me as both Zavier(2.5yrs) & my husband Berni had trouble recognising me at the airport gate…I had to get their attention before they realised it was me!
So what exactly happened, and what can I share with you from my experiences. Good news is that my next articles will either focus upon or bring insight and teachings from what I have learned. Celebrate Your Life is a huge American spiritual event with up to 40 major speakers speaking and teaching to around 2000 participants, mostly from the US but some internationals like us! We became almost famous as the Australian girls‟ as they loved listening to stories of our country and adored our accents.
On booking I could never have imagined how huge it could be. I did a full day workshop with Neale Donald Walsch and smaller workshops with Wayne Dwyer, Iyanla Vanzant, Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, Sonia Choquette, Greg Braden, Brian Weiss, John Holland, James Van Praagh, S.A.R.K and Julie Murphy Casserly. It was incredible to be amongst the wisdom of such prominent speakers and Alesa got to experience some others who were all awe-some. If you can make it, attend for it has so much potential to unleash in each of us. I tried to explain it on the plane on the way home and found that words couldn‟t capture the magic of the journey, but the end result was clear. I left as Karina and although I returned as Karina, I am different because I am now wearing my Spirit not only on the inside, but on the outside too! All within a week!
Sedona was an amazing and capped off the Conference perfectly. The red rocks and energy vortexes that create this special place healed my body and energetics in the most in-credible way. It was like my energy was turned in-side out, realigned and connected once again with the fullness of my Spirit. I could feel the pull of the energy an hour before our shuttle arrived drawing my heart forward and closer and closer to its source. Our guide was gorgeous, both in energy & in looks, Näthan led us on a journey that was both spiritual and energetic. When we climbed to top of one of the Mesa‟s the vista was awe inspiring and were then taken on a guided medita-tion that created a connection with the Earth and the magic of Sedona, so much so that at the end there was no grounding required, I was at one with Sedona and the Universe.
The Conference Speaker who created the most pro-found change is difficult to identify as each speaker took me on a perfectly choreographed dance toward an open heart and embracing my spirit. I have to say I have my favourites, but the session that left me with a wet face and top was Iyanla Vanzant. She is the most beautiful Soul who stood up and talked to us about exercising our „no muscle‟ and saying yes only to those things/activities/commitments that honour us. She taught us that when we do things because we don‟t want to hurt peo-ple‟s feelings, or because we think we should or be-cause we‟re too afraid to say no we interfere with the lessons they have chosen to live in this life. As we all know, if we don‟t pay attention to our lessons they come back bigger or more noticeable next time. Her comment was that if we really cared about these people we would say no, in fact we would “mind your own business!” This really hit home, as I certainly don‟t want to contribute in any way to making the journey of those I love more difficult or challenging and I have spent most of my life agree-ing to please others or to avoid conflict. So I have committed to saying it as it is, to honouring the journey of every person in my life including me! For if I am honouring everyone else around me, I am then also honouring myself! It is so exciting and such a different way of looking at things as Iyanla told us that very few people actually have a strong „no muscle‟ and most of us say yes when we don‟t mean it at some stage or another. Food for thought isn‟t it? How could you change things to honour you more? Perhaps just start a bit at a time and then go from there…it‟s actually a lot eas-ier than you think!
I guess now I‟ve been living these changes for a week and watching. What is important is that we speak our truth, to both ourselves and to others, that we speak it with gentleness but with firm-ness, creating no space for you to be manipulated out of that choice. We need to keep our „no muscle‟ taut and terrific and get rid of the „guilt trip‟ that we often follow when we choose what honours us. Guilt is such a tricky emotion, it always seeks to punish, so leave it out of your repertoire.
It was very powerful experience and ended with the most life changing meditation that I have to this day experi-enced. Iyanla is beautiful, she has the most gentle but inspiring and very funny way of presenting and it is easy to see she is an Angel here on Earth. We have ordered in her new book “One Day my Soul Just Opened Up” which the session was based on.
I have returned home changed but in essence the same. I will be addressing those areas of my life that do not honour my highest good at this time. I have learnt so much from each speaker and have many notes to enable sharing. All staff will have the opportunity to learn from these experiences which will in turn enable them to support and empower you on your journey in a new and powerful way. I look forward to the results this one confer-ence will bring to our community and subsequently our world.
Coming soon…Love your Spirit and 2013, What needs to be done!
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