Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Healing Massage has SO much to offer !!

What is Healing Massage??
It‟s a conversation of creative flow between your Mind, Body , Spirit and your Massage Therapist, where hands dance in a fusion of strength and compassion that washes away the muscular and energetic block-ages that are holding you back.
Imagine your own private oasis, warm, inviting, serene, comforting.. It‟s just divine.
With you is a beautiful Angel ( your massage therapist), ready to assist you in letting go of that which no longer serves you. She directs you to lay face down on the massage table; it is SO comfortable, just like being wrapped in a fluffy cloud.. WOW!! You can sense that this is the beginning of something extraor-dinary.

As you take a few deep breathes you feel your body relax and melt into the table. Your therapist applies the luxu-rious massage oil blend and as the delicious scent of the essential oils travel through your nasal passage it entices your senses, carrying you into deeply relaxed state, allowing the healing to begin.
With great care and finesse your therapist gets to work, finding all those hidden trouble spots within your body, it is like your body is tell-ing her where she can find them.
An elation arises in your sensory nerves as your therapist moves her hands over your muscles, it feels like a warm summers breeze gently brushing your skin, you note the smooth yet cool sensation of the magical healing crystals being used.
There is a shift in your energetics,.
Your therapist moves along your entire body concentrating on those areas you discussed needed attention and avoiding those areas you did not want to be included; your tension just melts away..
Welcome to Euphoria!!!
As your treatment comes to an end you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, Congratulations!!!
You have just treated your Mind, Body, and Spirit as a whole. Connecting them and allowing the experience to be pure BLISS!!!
As you arise from the table and return back through the doors to the “Real” world, you notice you feel lighter, calmer and empowered.
You are ready to move beyond your recent state and soar to new heights.
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