Sunday, May 23, 2010

How Are You Coping with Change ?

When Everything Changes, Change Everything
By Neale Donald Walsch
I did a full day workshop in America with Neale Donald Walsch and he is gorgeous. His book is exactly as if you are listening to him speaking. This book is life changing to those who use it, it takes you from a time of change or crisis and says to you: whilst you‟re at it, why not change everything to make your life all that
you have hoped for. He goes on to help you to understand the difference in reacting as opposed to responding to the dramas in life and how to change the little things to create huge changes. I have already seen enormous changes in those clients who have completed the book, well worth it.
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Published By Hodder &Stoughton Ltd

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  1. I was at Neale's all-day workshop in Chicago for Celebrate Your Life earlier this week. He is my absolute fave! All the best to you!!