Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free Massage to relax your mind and your body!

We know how busy and exhausting our lives can get and sometimes it’s a challenge to  maintain the balance between giving so much of yourself to others and giving back to yourself. If you feel that life is getting the better of you and you long for peace and calm in your life, then take yourself to a state of Bliss with one of our signature ‘healing massages’.

With the magical combination of specialist essential oil blends, crystal healing stones and choose areas to be gifted intuitive massage therapists, tuning into your body’s needs, our massages are a cross between a ‘healing’ and a ‘massage’, which means you get the best of both worlds. After a couple of these extremely nurturing sessions, your friends will start noticing the difference in how great you look and you’ll start noticing how great you feel.  Each massage is a full body massage with care given to privacy and the ability for each client to concentrated’ upon or ‘avoided’.
We offer 6 different massages:
Relax it – for stressed and aching muscles
Release It – for releasing old patterns held in the physical body
Love It – for promoting self love & therefore inviting love into your life.
Balance It – for balancing out the mind, body and spirit and centering
Enjoy It – Just because you deserve it
Babybelly It – to relieve the tension of an expanding body during
pregnancy We use specific blends of Young Living Essential oils which have been chosen for their therapeutic nature and Karina’s years of experience watching how amazingly effective they have been in both her healing practice and her own healing journey.
“I haven’t known this deep sense of calm for a really long time, since I came to Australia”. Emma
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