Friday, April 23, 2010

When Truth prevents a life filled with Drama

How is truth related to drama? What fills your life? Is it peace, fulfilments and your needs being met or is it struggle, angst and drama? My life was filled with Drama featuring struggle, conflict or issues. I couldn‘t even return a dress to a shop with a receipt without being questioned. My relationships always had something going on and everyone around me filled their lives with gossip or opinions or stories relating to the lives of others.
Something has definitely shifted, for even though our fairy garden has been flooded and really looks dreadful with carpet pulled up, I have just gone with the flow. A second flooding the next day was no drama or big deal. I now choose peace. How has my decision to tell the truth deleted the drama and how can you do it too?
When I sat and thought about this article, I really wanted to create a huge opportunity for change, to bring the teachings of the many prominent speakers in Spirituality and Positive Living from the Celebrate Your Life conference I attended in America. I have taken a bit from each of them and changed my life. When I returned home, I realised my life didn‘t support the changes I had made and that my life at that time was incom-patible in many ways with the woman I had become. My heart had been stretched open and I no longer feared what people had to say about me, changing everything. I left as a woman who always had on her radar the effects of what she said or how she behaved. I returned as a woman who knew within her heart that everything that is said or done is always perfect and that we really need to embrace truth if we are to find peace, joy and love. That anything other than the truth created drama in my life, those around me and my environment, barring peace from my reality. That when I was truthful the drama disappeared.
I touched on this last newsletter and received an interesting reply suggesting care is needed as to what and how truth is told. We live in a community who generally seek to be nice. But is truth not nice? I choose to sink into my heart and speak truthfully as I react to past times when it was thought I was insensitive. For me I welcome the truth as an opportunity for me to gain insight into how I am living and what I can change to become more heart based, but I have learned the hard way that this isn’t the norm. I watched the trailer with amusement for the new movie ―The Invention of Lying‖ where everyone without hesitation avoid the absolute truth and responded appropriately. One day a man comes across the notion that if he told it differently he could get everything he wanted in life. When did we decide that truth wasn‘t the best option?
I have always prided myself on being truthful, with a very few exceptions. One day a patient enquired if his cancer results had arrived which only Doctors were permitted to provide. Despite his results arriving an hour earlier and being negative, his Doctor refused to interrupt his evening and I was furious. I said that I had spoken to his Doctor earlier and he hadn‘t seen any results, that in my experience this was a really good sign because only positive results were sent through urgently. That I could almost guarantee he was OK because even if they on fax I couldn‘t tell him. Next day he greeted me with chocolates and thanked me for my appalling lying, it had brought him peace. I had told him the truth by avoiding the truth but I don‘t really recommended it.
So avoiding the truth worked and I could use it to avoid lying. How many times yesterday did you lie or avoid the truth? Did you do it to prevent hurt feelings, being judged or gossiped about or to keep something private? Did it occur to you to tell that person without any untrue or lame excuse that you weren‘t able to come? Did you ever think to tell the truth about that dress to avoid others gossiping about how she looked in it ? Did you think about how much drama telling that little un truth could use you? How much drama was created either directly or indirectly in that one action and for how many people? I refused an invitation to a party that I wasn‘t up to attending due to an exhausting week by apologising for not coming. In telling the truth I didn’t have to watch out for how and what I said to mutual friends about my weekend to keep my secret and avoided a lot of drama and stress. I didn‘t give an excuse and it felt good. I plan to catch up soon and have quality time together as I‘ll be really present and not counting down the hours till I can reasonably go home.
What was the real outcome of telling the truth? Personal Power! I honoured me and my needs as the highest priority. I saw my Spirit and allowed it to shine because at no time did I disrespect that person and tell them a lie. If I really care about others, I will tell them the truth and in doing so I will allow my personal power to stay with me. I will not ask others to lie for me and take their power from them. I will not agree to lie or omit for others and thus give my power way. For inthose circumstances I honour nothing and my Spirit mourns the opportunity it had to shine. For when I say anything that is not my truth I dishonour the person I am lying to, by presum-ing that they can‘t or won‘t handle the truth. Perhaps they won‘t but it is their choice and who knows, this may be exactly what you agreed to teach them when creating your contract for this life. Perhaps it isn’t their truth but telling it will enable you to both find your way on this journey we travel on Earth. I have a good friend Tracey who said to me a long time ago that ―You can‘t argue with the truth‖ which mirrors the way I like to live, always willing to see parts of myself that need softening or altering to honour me as an opportunity. Where can truth become an asset to you?
I was talking to my meditation class and I realised I have never told the truth about my psychic ability, seeing the little girl within who needed heal-ing to let go of the idea she wouldn‘t be liked if she was really‘ psychic! So I healed it and I am now really proud of my ability, of my accuracy and of the dramatic changes I assist others to achieve. Yes I see spirits and the dead‘ around me all the time, I see prophecy every day and it is a natural and easy way of being. And yes I love being psychic, I am a bit different and that may mean that others feel uncomfortable, but I don‘t mind anymore. I can see truth in others by looking , I am now being truthful and allowing me to see all the good within and I‘m finding it is not so hard. If being truthful means that I will attract and surround myself with those who love me for being that , then so be it. Truth cannot harm you, it is an invitation to freedom from that which makes you sad or angry for this is the reaction to an absence of truth. For if I can inspire others to live their truth, to be gentle in its delivery and respectful of the person receiving it, I hope they too will find happiness and peace as I have in a life free of drama !
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