Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meditating for Abundance

Choose a spot free of distractions. Create a relaxing space using aromatherapy, incense, candles or soft music, which ever makes you feel comfortable. Taking quiet, slow breaths allow your body to relax and become still. As you relax imagine you body is becoming lighter and lighter.

In front of you is a treasure chest. It is the most beautiful chest you
have ever seen. What is it made of? Is it decorated? Is it easy to reach? Is it locked? This chest holds the abundance of every aspect of your life. Ask that all the beliefs & limitations you hold regarding your abundance be cleared and visualize them dissolving into the light.
Look into your heart, this is where the key to the chest is kept. See the key shining brightly in your heart or just know that it is there. Put the treasure chest on your lap and bring the key down to open the lock – lift the lid. What do you see in the chest for you right now? Take these things out of the chest and place them into your heart and let them blend into every cell of your body, exploding like glitter right through you.
When this is complete bring yourself back into your body and visualise roots growing out from the bottom of your feet into the earth to ground you.
This meditation has now manifested these dreams and desires, all you need to do now is to allow them to happen and take action when guided.
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