Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are you Stuck in the Middle of Your Life?

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered why it is always the same? Are you frustrated by the state of your life, how you are continuously coming up against the same problems, people and experiences? Is money a constant struggle, or is it relationships, work or friends? Do you wonder why life is challenging you over and over? Does it look as though some people lead charmed lives?
Does it feel like nothing will ever change and/or that you are powerless to change it? Perhaps it feels like there is nothing exciting to live for, that one day is mostly the same as the next? This is a common problem amongst people throughout society and is not necessarily related to your state of wealth. Our lives do get repetitive, for two reasons. One, we get ourselves into a state of habit, where we generally react in the same way to the things that happen in our lives. This keeps us feeling safe and a bit more in control as we are buffeted by the winds of life’s lessons. Two, often we ignore or don‟t understand the lesson within the circumstances we are facing, which means that generally it will recur in a more obvious or prevalent way to help you get it‟ next time.
But what if life could change, what if you could go from being poor, scared, lonely, sad, angry to being happy, loved and feeling safe. What would you be willing to give up to create real change in your life? When would you be willing to make those changes? I gave up everything with the exception of my children to make my life what I wanted. I even gave up the opportunity to put them to bed every night for a chance to give them a happy family, those 5yrs were the greatest sacrifice I made. I gave up my marriage, my career (to the horror of those around me), my big luxurious home, my dog and a number of my friends and some family. Why did I do this? Because when I stopped to really look at my life, I found I was miserable, lacking anything (excepting my children) that made my heart want to sing. Unfortunately many people get to the time in their lives when their children have grown up and moved away and find that their life feels or is meaningless, often described as a mid-life crisis!
One day after my friends funeral I saw a vision, my life 5 years in the future…. it was no different, just unhappier as I experienced more of the same. It created a catalyst, a reason to change, and change I did. I kept that vision of my future life and Louise Hay‟s words that if you want to know how your life will be in 5 years, take how you‟re thinking now and amplify it. So I started watching my thoughts, words and actions as if I was someone else looking in. I was blown away how negative and hard I had become. I began to change the way I thought and what I said. We are the result of our thoughts. What we think or say is what the Universe hears us to be saying we want so it creates what it hears. I began to understand that we are in charge of what our life is and positive experiences followed this change in my thinking. We create more of what we are.
Next I took a long hard look at all the aspects of my life and made a list of all that was not working, and a second list of what was working. The first list was 5 pages long; the second list filled only 5 lines. Slowly I began to change the items on the first list, sometimes one a  day, sometimes one a month. I did as much as I could handle and despite feeling overwhelmed I pushed through my doubts and fears and kept changing. Five years after that vision, my life was unrecognisable as the length of the lists had reversed. I feel really lucky, but I truly believe that luck comes to those who make it. I chose to change and I changed almost everything leaving the only 2 things I would not elimi-nate, my children.
What are you willing to do to change your life? Nothing is impossible, believe me! I took myself from feeling trapped in a life of misery with no obvious way out to a life full of happiness and contentment. I want for nothing; I am loved and love many. I have a comfortable home, great friends and a wonderful family and I have the best job in the world. You too can change your life to being one of love, happiness and success. Start with the little things and keep changing the things you don’t like. Trust that the Universe is and will always help and guide you towards a more posi-tive life when you decide that this is what you want. Ask your Angels or Guides for help and expect nothing short of its arrival! Good luck and happy changing!

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